Ferret, 2018, 18:00

single channel video, size variable

Ferret aims to streamline the tutorial experience by creating a makeup applying cyborg from found tutorials. Taking cues from a need to learn more, learn faster and learn better a face is sectioned into application segments to help focus on the actions to put on, rub in, work with, spread and smear. The culmination resulting in a hypnotic hum of voices and gestures whose charm is found in their common goal and dismay in the ceaseless pursuit of an ever-changing goal. 

Cradle, 2017, 5:20, single channel video

Unwieldy and ornamental patterns are created, reminiscent of sequencing string games, in ‘Cradle’. Contemplative movements create a kaleidoscope of uncomfortable configurations. Musing forms are created as echos to time spent as reflections reliant on mirrors for answers.

In other words, 2016, 21:00, single channel video, size variable

A custom boggle dice game consisting of words founds in seminal texts on femininity from Freud, Butler and Joan Riviere to name a few, as well as popular women's magazines such as Red Book and Elle. The texts were run through an analyzer to find common words and phrases. The dice function as a creator of stories, letting the words that construct the concept of femininity be the guide. To play a game in storytelling one will shake the boggle game and use the words to string together a true or false story. This impromptu fabrication with limited words encourages play and participation.

Zero-Sometimes, 2017, 8:40, single channel video, size variable

In ‘Zero-Sometimes’ the rules of rock, paper, scissors (which dates to the Chinese Hang Dynasty) are warped. Using simple tools of distraction through nail accoutrement, the same set of hands continuously show up to battle against themselves in varying masquerade. The opponent becomes the antagonist with seemingly no end in sight. The competition’s bearing and point come into question, leaving only an arbitrary game to be lost in and laugh at.